The American Creed has many wounds and scars left on it from the years it has existed, yet we still agitate these scars for our own selfish desires.

The American Creed

The Creed is a definition for many things, depending on what you value most within the Creed itself. From your loved ones, giving back to the community, building relationships, closing old wounds, or evolving it, the service you commit to the Creed is what being part of the American Creed is all about as it draws people from all over the world with its opportunity, freedom, and equality as it is people’s true dream of life, an American Dream.

As good as this all seems to a person who was just born into the Creed or coming from somewhere to be part of this Creed, there are still some ugliness behind every place, people, and ideas about our own Creed that is literally dividing us all apart for something that was meant to bring us all together.

It practically all started when the first colonist from Europe came to settle on what is an early rendition of the dream, to start a new life by finding new opportunities and desires to bring the new colony great promises. But as their goals were met with obstacles like the disagreements with the Natives who were living the American dream first, lack of white-collar jobs, not enough land. To solve these problems, the colonist just took land from the Natives, Mexicans, Spain, and the Islanders (also basically killed off the Native Americans while they were manifesting destiny west), enslaved people in another continent and racially separated them and any non-white Europeans, destroyed land, and still run a politically unstable government that is based on the sacred text of the Creed that tells they were doing everything wrong.

Everything in the Creed’s past was scaring on everyone in the Creed because of the immoral decisions made that contradict what the Creed is all about. Yet knowing this, we still itch at the scab of our wounds in order to prove that our vulnerability is under attack by a biased/unbiased opinion that sparks an unhealthy argument on what we stand for in our Creed, leaving what was the standing motives of our Creed Shattered into racial tension, political turmoil, how we treat others because they are different, and other violent and hateful messages spreading within our country, repeating history with a fresh new coat of naive realism.

These divisions from our hate is tearing the American Creed apart until it gets to the point where the wound is going to be too much for our next generations to fix, leaving them a broken Creed that was to seem to glorious to ever break down, joining the ruins of the Roman Empire, the Ghana Empire, Qin Dynasty, and the Mayans. Each generation will be left with nothing to fix for their Creed, their only part of the Creed that can unite them is their influential actions from their family past that is valued into them in an early age of their life, to argue and throw bitter comments about each other’s appearance and background as the wound from the past still haunts the lineage of the people, beliefs, and structure of the Creed.

Living in a place where its values once structured the lives of many to work with each other, fight for each other, and live with each other as one strong entity, and now is divided as if we were bounded by the hate that still fuels the scars war toward each other. As a young man living with other young men and women who grew up in a belief system that taught us to value creativity, innovation, and uniqueness of ourselves and each other are going into a world that we will never survive in by ourselves unless we use the inner demons of discriminating and harming others to protect ourselves from others who will always try to destroy us because they want to survive will not stand by me and my generation.

Our lack of understanding why nobody and close this divide and show our wrongdoings to each other is beyond our understanding. And our old yet new Creedal belief will have to take us to close this divide ourselves as the tortured souls of the divided ones will finally no longer widen this divide as we, the new American Creed, will bring together long-lost loved ones back into one family under one Creed again. Our family in this Creed should have never been divided over little or big topics that naturally occur in our lives, just because we’ve disagreed with the opinions said on the topic. Because of this scuffle, we isolate ourselves with the family who likes and believes in the same opinions we have, effectively dividing the overall family.

This may seem good in our perspective at first for a while, but over time we seem to experience some sort of bias over time based on our isolated family members we are a part of, making our fantasy of the Creed as perfect as possible. This past choice makes our bias ideas evolve to such a degree, that it contradicts the other isolated families opinions even harder than before the start of the divide. If we were ever to meet again, our more biased opinions will make things even worse than before, repeating the cycle of isolation more predominant than what we had imagined it to be.

If this keeps getting worse and worse than we would get to a point that our disagreement of each other's opinions would build up to hurting each other in order to prove a minuscule point of being right. This may, unfortunately, end up in such a violent degree that it may take the lives of our long lost brothers and sisters we never got to know, all over a difference in opinions that had pushed past the “pointless dead-end path” of the topic multiple times.

Our senses would soon come to us as the event of a taken life, worthy or unworthy, would all make us isolated from even the most loved family members and make us want to be comforted by not only loved ones, but by the other isolated families we divided from ourselves for, ironically, their opinion on what is to come in these times of confusion.

Until we have unity with populations stuck in between their own biases, then we will just have to lean on each other only when times of crisis continue to divide us.




Avondale High School Avondale High School

Avondale High School is in Oakland County, in Southeast Michigan.

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