My family has a history of serving in the military and it has engraved in me a high sense of patriotism. Each stanza in the poem is directed to a specific audience, friends and family, government, and fellow soldiers; also each photo relates in someway to each stanza.

To the friends and family back at home, there’s something I must say to you

I am not fighting for fame or fortune

I lay my life down for the freedoms that you are do

I am fighting everyday in places you can’t imagine, in places that are foreign

To my government, I see your flaws

I do not fight for these, for slavery or for genocide

This I do not applause

You destroyed and killed

You terrorized

To my fellow soldier we have come too far for our bond not to last

We stood side by side in good times and bad

I remember the fallen for they are my family that have past

The memories won’t fate though they happened so fast

For the land of the free and the home of the brave

For this I will fight till I lay in my grave 




Royal Oak High School Miller's Thrillers

AP Lang and Comp Hour 2

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