The Genius Under the Table Response

My response was text response. It is about the book "The Genius Under the Table" by Eugene Yelchin.

By Elijah C. from New Tech High at Coppell in Texas

I would like to tell the Eugene Yelchin that their book was really fun or was a pleasure to read. The drawing and the formatting really enhanced the book, and I think I might have found a new genre of books that I like.

The character that was most meaningful to me was the father of the main character. I find that the father was really relatable to my own. He would try to stay patriotic but have his own polarizing opinions. 

If I could, I would make the story more detailed because there was some moments in the story that I really wanted to delve more into. For example, towards the ending of the story, the mother is explaining what happened to her sons and their stories. I had really wanted to know what happened to them, especially with the older brother Victor, and his endeavors with figure skating. 

I think that the book "The Genius Under the Table" by Eugene Yelchin should be the one that wins the California Book Award. The plot is really good and is augmented by the drawings and formatting on almost every page of the book.  

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