This is a picture of 2 girls one from reality and the other a figment of the imagination. When they join together the truth, will be revealed in a turn of events.

Which character was meaningful to you?

For me, the most important character is Yasmeen she added to the entire plot she was the one who made Nima realize she should be happy with the life she is given and not take it for granted she should stop hoping for things that wouldn’t happen. Yasmeen was so fed up with Nima continuously feeling sorry for herself because she wasn’t the version of herself she hoped to be because she continuously wanted to be Yasmeen the version she wanted to see in herself the beautiful girl that was adored by others the one that was perfect in every way the one that was graceful, always knew what to say, always knew how to act and be. Yasmeen was what Nima wanted to be but behind every illusion, there is a hard reality Nima finally realizes this when she goes into Yasmeen’s world. There she realizes that Yasmeen is tired of being nothing and something at the same time the person that is stuck in a realm with no purpose just existing in a limbo of repeated history. Yasmeen hates it so much to the point where she tried killing Nima to take her place. Yasmeen takes Nima to her home in a land that she never got to know. There she sees her mother grow up happy and bubbly dancing and singing being the center of attention clueless about the reality that is waiting to stab her in the heart. They watch as her mother dances and sings and has the time of her life. They watch as she falls in love. They watch as she falls out of love left alone with a child that will only remind her of him. The watch as her best friend is scarred. They watch as her mother gets into the car ride that ended her father's life. She is hit with the hard reality that the man she yearned to call her father didn’t take a second glance at her and kept walking forward away from her. Yasmeen showed her this reality that she couldn’t see the reality that she had to watch every day existing in a world that didn’t actually exist a world that didn’t actually have meaning. Yasmeen brought the harsh truth that nobody was willing to tell Nima and because of that, she was the most meaningful character.




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