I interviewed Haley Foster and I learned she is a very kind and caring person. I learned that she is a black belt in martial arts and wants to perssure a career in engingering.

“I am adopted most people wouldn’t think that I am adopted. I’m also a black belt in martial arts and I am actually really strong. I started martial arts when I was four and got my black belt when I was eight. I am actually really kind I just act tough but I think most people know I am very kind.”

“I want to be an architectural engineer when I grow up because sadly our planet is dying. I want to be able to help try and keep it alive so we don't have to move to Mars where there is no air and water. But I have always had a passion for engineering ever since I was little. When I was little and we had anything that needed to be assembled my mom would give it to me to assemble it.”




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