I interviewed Sutton about what one of her biggest failure was, what she learned from and what she had experienced in that past. Here's what she had to say:

“Oh my goodness I have to think about that, so you know failure? And what did you learn from it? Hmm let me think, i guess all the times, that, you know I used to do bellet, and I would mess up a lot, when I was younger especially, I would cry all the time, every time I messed up I was like ‘Oh my god I’m the worst in the class, this is gonna be my worst memory forever’ and from all those failures, I learned that everybody fail, and I also learned that it's ok to be emotional when you fail, because a lot of the times when I failed growing up, not just in bellet, but like kind of in general, some people would tell me ‘oh don’t cry, you know, it happens don’t cry’ but for me I was always a little more emotional, so what happened is, you know something bad would happen and I would cry and be really sad about it. So it was really important to learn that everybody fails and it's ok to be emotional when you fail because that's something bad that happened to you, and everyone experiences it differently. So yeah I just learned that it's ok to fail because everyone does it and it's ok to be emotional.”

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