our Democracy

I chose the flag to represent democracy because it constitutes the freedom that is offered in america; which is organized by a democracy.

By Victoria S. from Eureka High School in California

To me, Democracy represents freedom of speech, religion, education, occupation, etc. It allows citizens the freedom to vote for their leaders. It allows for so many opportunities and rights that other places simply don’t have. The picture I chose to portray democracy is the U.S flag . It is a pretty straightforward choice but I think that it best represents it.

The flag itself is just a piece of cloth but it represents so much more. When people see it, they see the freedom and equality that is offered in America. People from all over the world come here seeking relief from oppression and so much more. A democracy gives everybody the chance to have a voice and fight for what they believe in.

Eureka High School

Soph Honors, 2nd Period

Sophomore Honors English

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Our Democracy

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