I interviewed Sequoia Ashby and when I interviewed her she talked a lot about cross country. You an tell she's very passionate about it and works very hard to progress.

”It was my first half marathon,and I got a 1:48 and I thought I was going to be running for 2 hours and I ended up beating

my dad.”

“My goals for this year are to stay focused in school and cross country. I plan on running a sub 22 minute 5k and try not to get injured while trying to achieve that. For school I want to get straight A’s for sure, and I wanna become more organized inside of school.”

“Someone who had a significant impact on my life is probably just my cross country team. They’re very supportive and always push me to be my best. It’s really hard sometimes to see when they’re way ahead of you but you just have to push forward past the pain. They’ve done that for me and have pushed me to keep up with them and it’s helped me improve so much.”

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