In an interview I had with Kaitlin Giacone, you get to know about her inspiring story of how she wants to help change an issue she is passionate about. She explains a past issue of hers, and how she is planning on preventing others going through it.

“I think when I was little it just clicked [that I had a passion for sports], the competitive energy that revolved around sports. It's my creative outlet to be myself and do what I want.” “As an athlete, the worst thing ever is getting hurt, 2 summers ago I had a lower back problem because my hamstrings were over strained, so I couldn't pitch or hit for my summer team. I went to the chiropractor for 2 months, and they were getting more and more money from my family without helping me. Then I went to a physical therapist one time. They gave me stretches, and then I was all good."

"I want to open up my own physical therapy or physical training company, to help athletes who were injured and were not getting the help they needed, just like me.”

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