I interviewed Megan Barry about herself. Her responses were very intriguing and made me realize just how much there is to a person that doesn't meet the eye at first glance.

"Last year I was in an advanced math class and it was hard to keep up because we had such a short schedule and it was stressing me out so my parents thought it was best to not do that class anymore. I learned that sometimes the best thing to do isn’t always the most advanced because if I would have stayed in that class I feel like I would have done worse in all my other classes.”

“When you’re by the ocean you can just write down what you see without having to explain it, and that’s why I want to be a marine biologist.”

[something she is proud of] “There was a writing competition and I took a little snippet of what I wrote and submitted it and I won first place.”

[a person that had an influence on her] “One of my friends really influenced me because i’ve always had trouble relaxing and stuff and when I hung out with her over the years she taught me that I have to relax and laugh sometimes and when I hang out with her it just makes my day better.”

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