Democracy means many things. What matters is your perspective and how wide and broad it is.

To me, democracy means: equality and equity.
It means a group of people can have this opinion, while another group has an opposing opinion, and as a solution, we try to find the gray spot in between to benefit both sides. We aim for an equal share, but also remember that some need more share than others.
To me, democracy means: the chance for change.
We have the power for change. We have a democracy because right now it is the most peaceful way to change anything to fit our needs. We, as a community, are the ones with the power and the reason to change. The ordinary has the ability to become extraordinary. Thomas Hobbes~” citizens were the ones giving the king his power”
To me, democracy means: finding justice:
We have laws and expectations to meet, but when they are broken we attempt and try to fix them. Finding justice isn’t only referring to law and crime but also society itself and the wrong things people do that aren’t considered a crime.
To me, democracy means: unpredictable system.
Democracy is an unpredictable system because it is ruled by people whose opinions and needs change.
Democracy is like science. Democracy has something called communities, and their importance is greater than you may think. Communities are like the protons, electrons, and neutrons of an atom, and if they aren’t balanced, portioned, and held together, then the atom and nucleus fall apart, in other words, the nucleus is our democracy and the protons/neutrons/electrons are our diverse communities, we need community in order to have a democracy.
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