I chose this photo to represent my view on democracy because it shows my siblings actively deciding on what movie to watch through the process of debate and voting.

Democracy, through my eyes, is the ability to voice your opinions freely without fear of being punished or outcast because someone doesn’t agree with you. Democracy is when all races and people of different cultural backgrounds feel safe and represented. Democracy is when we get to choose who makes the laws. Democracy, through my eyes, is a lot of things. But, these things can not happen unless you exercise democracy.

My siblings exercised democracy when they decided what movie to watch by debating and voicing their opinions on which movie they thought we should watch. They also participated in democracy when they participated in voting on which movie to watch. Instead of not participating and leaving the decision to everyone else. My siblings might not have realized that they were participating in democracy then. But as we get older, we start to realize how these moments help teach us to exist and participate in a democratic government.

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