This is my veiw on Democracy, it gives us frredom of industries that support our lifestyle. This picture that is with the text is on my families ranch on Murphy Meadows, it shows our land and so much detail of what it has given us.

In the field of perspectives I think that democracy represents our lifestyles, passions, and the industries that we are involved in. My whole life I have been involved within the livestock industry and democracy has impacted it tremendously. I choose this picture because the land described so much of what I think democracy is in one little glimpse. Democracy has impacted the livestock and agriculture industry in many ways regarding what has made us living the lifestyle that we live today.

In terms of freedom, Democracy has given us the opportunity to have freedom plus more. The land that we get to live on is amazing in every way and not only every farmer and rancher should be appreciative of it, but everyone who has a home in the world should be appreciative. Whether it’s irrigation land, cultivating cover crop land, cattle ranches or hunting land, it is worth every bit of democracy. Us farmers and ranchers get to grow the produce of our toil, we get to brand and vaccinate our cattle and lastly we get to supply quality farm to table meals all put on by the land that democracy has given us.

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