Naomi Garcia and Lexi Blackwell after the voting for homecoming queen at our high school.

This is a picture I took on homecoming night at Eureka High School of my best friend and her sister who was running for homecoming queen. I believe that this represents democracy because it was a form of election. Throughout school you are educated for the purpose of voting. Our government wants educated people to be the ones deciding who is in power and what goes, therefore we are put into school to learn. Although homecoming is a traditional fun thing most schools do, it is also a form of preparation for the students. We nominate people to run, we hold campaigns and rally's, the nominees try to persuade you and "the people" (students) cast a vote. We are all learning from an early age how to be democratic and form some form of rule or power. Democracy can be important when it comes to certain things, especially our education and having smart people deciding our rules and justice. The decision is always left in our hands just as it is for a simple school election. It is just a smaller representation of what happens in the real world. You must be smart and think critically to choose wisely.

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