Our Democracy is shaped by the citizens of our community and gives people the power for their voice to be heard.

Democracy represents the value of each person's perspective given the ability for them to speak up for themselves through organization. I think that the communities and cultures we live, participate, and are involved in relate to the power we give democracy. We all have evolved to express our values, morals, beliefs, and opinions through the power of our voices. Education is what allows the community to become educated voters. The perspective we have with critical regards to your environment, community, and world can inspire what you contribute to democracy depending on what you choose to value.

I think democracy can revert right back to your human nature. In my Sophomore Honors English we had a focused unit on human nature. I believe that your human nature is not only shaped through a combination of who a person is as an individual biologically but also how they choose to adapt and reflect to their environment, community, and experiences. Depending on your approach to life, is what will shape the way you impact your democracy. I think that for a democracy, not only do you need to be educated and have perspective of your environment but you also need community because within that community people come together knowing they are a part of something bigger than themselves and this allows them all to communicate as a stronger whole. When you are able to come together as a whole while still respecting individuals and their rights to make their own choice we are able to create a democracy inviting participation from citizens.

I thought that my image represented democracy because of the symbolism of peace and togetherness. I thought it represented the power people have on decisions and the system of people peacefully speaking up for their community.

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Eureka High School Soph Honors, 2nd Period

Sophomore Honors English

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