The American Dream, is implemented by the American Creed, what it means to be American.

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The American Creed is hidden inside the American Dream. The famous American Dream is portrayed to be opportunity for everyone from anywhere. Some may not know that our American Creed is found as people try living or finding the American Dream. The possibilities and opportunities in America are endless and many people are thriving because they have discovered how to work their way up to live the American Dream. These people have been challenged by the American Creed and figured out how to face what America really brings to society. As people realize these struggles, each person begins to believes in something different which is then all assembled in what is known as the American Creed.

I personally have not yet come to many challenges to find the American Creed I truly agree with. I am a white female that will hopefully aspire into a successful business woman, however I know the obstacles I face throughout American society will transform my views politically, mentally, and emotions towards life and opportunity. I am not fearful of what is coming towards me as I grow in the American community, however I do fear the final outcome that will soon be my whole life to live in. With many different opinions that regard to the different races, ethnicities, genders, and cultural diversities, different standpoints are pervaded through the world. I am still confused by the many outlooks of what it means to be American. I hear beliefs that persuade me to think in a certain way about the American Creed. Now that I have the apprehension that the ways of thinking about the American Creed are basically a revolving circle of ideas, I do not want to believe in a combination of other opinions, I want to expand my innovative side through experiences and create my own belief of what being American means. As I develop mentally, I am seeking understanding of my personal American Creed definition but I will not be able to recognize the factors of it until I identify the issues I want to overcome and the success I strive for. My goal is to execute all troubles that are thrown at me then convert and comprehend them to gain knowledge about the American Creed for my own life to live by.




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