This piece is about how you can express your American Creed. It shows the many aspects to American creed, such as why people chase their American, the fact that everyone chases one, and the three major aspects to American Creed.

You can express your American Creed through action in many ways which make up your character. People express their American creed by ways that apply to them easily, such as someone who loves sports;they take action by attempting to show their dream in the creed that they believe in. People also express their American creed through their ethnicity and who they are based off of their family. For example, many people show their American creed by using their rituals and traditions to show their creed. The creed for Americans is something that we all chase no matter how big or small it may be.

The American creed has many different aspects to it and every aspect is shown differently, one of which is liberty and freedom. People can show their American creed by striving through their freedom and using it to pursue their dreams and show that the American creed exists for everyone, not just Americans but anyone that has the opportunity can strive. People can also show their American creed through their equality by showing that everyone is equal by pursuing something that is very hard and obtaining it when your competitors are other people that are more liked in society. An example of this equality existing is that everyone has the right to attend a public educational school because of the right that is given by the government. This helps show equality in the American creed because you get the same opportunities as everyone else. A good example showing equality in my American creed involves a lot of running. Being a good runner is a small american creed for me and being successful in this aspect of my life.

Equality is shown through this because anyone can run at these meets, all they have to do is attend a high school and show up. Every runner has the opportunity to prove themselves and potentially even obtain a scholarship. This shows equality because I have just an equal opportunity as everyone else in high school, to be able to compete and be as good as I want. This relates exactly to me because I am a runner as well and I get the chance to prove myself each and every day as one of the best. One of the great parts to this amazing sport is that out on the course nothing matters to me, my teammates or my competitors. There is no black or white or asian, it is just us against each other trying to be the first one there. There is also an amazing environment that I get to experience every single race. This environment is the fact that everyone is equal and everyone no matter what team we are on have a great bond, we socialize, we have fun and at the end of the day we run. I think the reason like this for me is the fact that I have their respect because we all know how hard this sport is and how hard we had to work to get to the position that we are in, so running for me shows a great point of freedom for me. This also shows the start of the trek, which starts in school at a young age, where you are granted your equality to start working hard early. Equality also helps show the American creed because if everyone believes that they are equal and have opportunities in this country, then everyone will attempt to reach their American dreams which helps them to be noticed and can show off their American creed and help others realize what they are trying to obtain in life. Thirdly, the American creed is shown through populism. Populism allows for people to realize that others care about your American creed and that there is hope because other people believe that it is possible for you to achieve. An example that populism exists in our everyday lives is the news. The news tells us not about only the big government issues, but that they care about the ordinary ones as well. This is shown through many programs that the government has made. A major one is medicaid, this is very important and demonstrates that they care about ordinary people or less than ordinary people because this program helps younger kids who have lost their parents, so that they have a way to get money still. This program shows the world that we have to help out the average citizen. This also proves that there is an American creed available for everyone because if the poorest of the poor have the chance to shoot for their dreams then everyone is capable of going for it.

That is how the American creed is shown, through all the aspects that surround it and all the opportunities that people are given to pursue their dreams and how they can show everyone that it is possible to achieve it. The american creed is something that we all chase, we all have equal opportunities to achieve it, what matters is who is willing to put in the work in order to achieve it.




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