For my project I drew an American flag and drew the symbols that I believe America stands for: freedom, faith, peace, outgoing, strength, equality, competitive, diversity, justice, and love. America to me is strength and freedom. What does America mean to you?

America is many things...
America is freedom: we as citizens have freedom of speech and  freedom of religion. There are people out in the world that have fought for our right to be free and this shows strength. These soldiers have fought day and night, have left their homes and families, and have been through the unthinkable to fight for our country and our rights. We all have the freedom of religion also and many people in America have very strong beliefs and faith. Being free also comes with justice. We are a peaceful country and we are very outgoing with over countries. We also have equality. We fight for equality and diversity. We are a loving country and we are very competitive. 




This is a class of mostly 11th grade U.S. History Students from Georgetown, KY.

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