my letter to Americans on why we should be grateful.

Dear Americans,

This is your reminder to be thankful. America is the most unique country. Not because we have a dominant culture, the same the way of living, or the same beliefs and values. America is unique because we are all different. We don’t have dominant culture, we have a melting pot of cultures. We don’t all live the same way, we all live very different lives. Last, we don’t share the same beliefs or values that everybody else does. However, that doesn’t stop us from being able to put everything aside and unite together. Being American means being different but being able to put those differences aside and come together. I believe that America is so focused on all the negative things surrounding us that we forget to think about all the good things we are privileged to experience. As Americans, it’s our responsibility to be thankful for the country we live in. We live in a country that has so much freedom that we often take that freedom for granted. In other countries freedoms like political diversity, education, and religion is illegal, sometimes the outcome is even harmful. We need to realize just how lucky we are.

Let's start with political diversity. Yes, there is a growing divide because of the hate between the two parties. However, think about how lucky we are to be able to have our own political opinion and a say in how our country is ran. Without political diversity our country would not advance and evolve to into what our society needs. Having different political opinions allows us to put everything that we feel needs to be changed on the table and discuss it. Political diversity also encourages critical thinking on how we can make our country better. It’s time to stop getting hung up on the hate, and instead be grateful that we even have this right. Instead of using your political opinion against someone, use it to better society.

Now let’s discuss education. Education is one of the most important aspects of the American Creed. Education is what our country strives on. If we didn’t have access to education there would be no doctors, police officers, military, etc. With our freedom to education comes responsibility. I believe that those responsibilities include: not taking educational freedom for granted and putting effort into your education. We live in a country that has so much freedom that we take that freedom for granted. We fail to realize just how lucky we are. In other countries education is illegal. Being able to have the opportunity to go to school is an empowerment. You, as students, have the power to learn, don’t take it for granted. Adding onto that, don’t waste your opportunity to learn. You are given an amazing opportunity to do something great with the knowledge you are given, use it. When I think of wasting learning opportunities think about the kids in high school who didn’t care one bit if they or anyone else learned. Those kids are a great example for taking education for granted. They didn’t realize just how lucky they are to be living in a country that offers education to everyone.

Last, lets discuss opportunities. The idea that anyone can become whatever they want is what keeps us motivated. Growing up I was always told that I could be whatever my heart desired. I just had to put in the hard work. Look at me now, I'm sitting here writing to you, Americans of the united states, about what we should be thankful for. This is paving my path to becoming a teacher. If I continue to work hard, that dream will soon become a reality. That is what everyone believes in America. If you work hard enough, your dreams will become reality. That’s something we should be thankful for. We can be whatever our heart desires. Let that sink in. Those dreams are what keep us motivated to reach the next goal and the goal after that. Every step closer we make to that dream, our motivation to put in a little extra work grows.

This country gives us so many opportunities and what do we give it in return? A stomp or flame to the flag, a knee to the national anthem, and disrespect towards our authority. None of these things get you anywhere. You’re not sending message, you’re sending disrespect to the country that gives you the freedom to disrespect it. Americans, young or old, this is your wake-up call. Stop dwelling in the past and on the negative things. Start spreading positivity among the country. When someone talks about what they dislike about our president, our school system, or our political parties refute by reminding them of the opportunity that they have just having those freedoms. Remind them, that someone in another country is praying for the things we, as Americans, are granted.


Your reminder to be thankful

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Dr. Deanna Mascle's Fall 2018 Writing I Classes

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