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American Creed: Education and Community

The perspective in the American Creed film that I believe is most significant is that we need to come together to become a community. Americans need to be able to work together to achieve everyone's different ideas of the american dream. America could be a community that will be able to inspire future generations. The speakers perspectives are related because they have the idea that education is connected to community. Joe Maddon talks about how he wants the kids to come together to learn. And when they come together they bring their parents which means their parents come together to build community. Deidre Prevett talks about the next generation. She became an educator so that she can help the next generation by paying it forward. Condoleezza Rice learned from the work of her grandfather that “faith matters, family matters, and community matters”. Joe Maddon, Deidre Prevett, and Condoleezza Rice’s perspectives are related because they have the idea that education is connected to community.

The way Joe Maddon talks about the idea of education being connected to community is the reason is he wants to help the community by bringing the kids together in a way they are able to learn academically and able to socialize with each other. We are able to see this when it said “Want people to talk and then trust each other to build something” and “We want to create a situation where the kids come together” This is the idea that Joe Maddon talks about this because in his community when he we grew up with was a diverse community that was able to be together as a community and he was able to learn from each other. But during the years he saw that his hometown of Hazleton was becoming divided by the people and the majority of the Latino community was being isolated because they were immigrants and because they where only speaking spanish. This lead to Joe Maddon to open up a program named “Hazleton Integration Project” which was to unite different culture and ethnicities to become a community that is able to work together to become one and are able to use this opportunity to be able to become a program that is going to develop overtime and make life easier and better for future generations.

In the same way we can see the way Deidre Prevett thinks about the idea of education is linked to becoming a community. To begin with Deidre Prevett is a teacher and becoming a educator was her American dream. She is the fifth generation educational in her family which has passed to her and made it her dream as well. Her family is Creek Indian which education was the key to overcoming the obstacles that Native Amercinas where facing. For the family to become educators and go to college they had to sell the oil that was in there land to be able to pay for college which was a lucky thing that happened to her family. This leads to now where Deidre Prevett is working, she is a principal in a school that is for families with low income and have kids with different backgrounds. Some kids come and go from the school because there parents are trying to find jobs and find where to live.They way she sees education related to community is by saying “While we are a melting pot, we can’t forget where we’ve come from and we all need to learn about each others’ history” . Deidre Prevett says because to become a community we need to learn whos is in the community, and learning from each other will make everyone feel safe. To connected all of this Deidre Prevett says “What I’m doing now is kinda paying it forward” she clearly states that she wants to be able to have this community to build to have it for generations to come and to other kids that come and go in her community.

At last Condoleezza Rice knows the importance of education and community where education became her power to move in life. To start with, her grandfather was the first in the family to attend college and from there changed everything for generations to come. Also he founded churches and schools which also helped his community become the one that Condoleezza Rice is part of. One thought that she still has that her grandfather said is “You can be and do anything you want, you just can’t leave others behind” This is connected to community because she believes everyone has the opportunity to achieve there American Dream but to achieve it you can help everyone and make everyone able to make their American dream come true.

To conclude all this we can see the different backgrounds of all these people but the thing that connects them is the American Creed. Which Maddon, Deidre Prevett, and Condoleezza Rice’s perspectives are related because they have the idea that education is connected to community.




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