Fighting adversity, persevering through the bad times, and aspiring for the good times is my American Creed.

My American Creed is all about Perseverance and Aspiration. I think America is based on deep values of perseverance and Aspiration because of its history and what is happening right now. This creed holds America together and is the thread that bounds the country together. Here are some examples of this.

In America's History we have faced many adversities. In the late 1800's we faced class divide and extreme poverty. People were very poor and we lived in a Gilded Age filled with monopolies. However, we managed to change that. In 1890 the Anti-Trust Act was passed. We did that, we bridged the class divide and we grew out of poverty. Only two decades after the 1890s the two world wars began. The freedom of our country was at risk and we protected it. We stopped world conquest, Holocaust, and massacres, and let the people of the world be able to decide what they wanted to do. And they wanted democracy. Those times of adversity paid off and in the 1950s-60s we saw a major boom economically in America. We also persevered through the cold war avoiding the destruction of everything we value in America here today. Speaking of today millions of immigrants come here because of our aspirations. The values of freedom, of being able to build and choose bring them here.

All this evidence shows that we are a very perseverant nation. We can weather and overcome great challenges and keep the world together. In America, we are always building to make something of ourselves. People come here to make something of themselves and build something they want. We aspire to be something greater than just a cog on a conveyer belt. We want to bridge the divide between classes and get more money, be more powerful, and decide our own fate. We want to grow to be more than what we are. We Aspire to choose our own fate and we will Persevere through hardship to reach that which we want. We fight adversity and are rewarded by abundance. 

Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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