Freedom Don't Come Free

A song about the cost of freedom.

By Angel W. from Scott County High School in Kentucky

Verse 1: 

My lover went to war 

My tears fell through the floor 

Knowing all that could be 

He went to fight for more than just one family 

Verse 2: 

As he come to the door 

Bad news written all over his face 

Scared to death my heart began to race 

I fell to the floor 

And all I could see was the words of another man's hate 

Verse 3: 

Everything comes with a price 

Many have lost their life 

To be where we stand today 

For the soldiers have let us live another day 

In the country for which we pray 

Verse 4: 

Freedom don't come free

As our country sings

It's not just you and me 

It's the Lord and what he sees 

These soldiers help our freedom ring 

As a part of this country they've been given new wings

Scott County High School

US History

This is a class of mostly 11th grade U.S. History Students from Georgetown, KY.

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