My opinion piece on why we need to look at what we have in common and unite

Americans need to focus on what we have in common, not on what divides us. We have a tendency to look over the things we share, and focus ourselves on how we are different. If we could only look at all the things we have in common, we could come together much easier.

Americans need to listen to each other. We can easily overlook another person's ideas/opinions without hearing them out. I believe that if we would just hear each other out, we would find that we have shared ideas/opinions. You can easily misunderstand someone because you didn't listen to what they had to say. To be a better society, we have to listen each other and identify the underlying problems. If you listen to others, you might even change your opinions.

Americans need to be more open minded. For example, a lot of people are very close minded because of how they grew up. If everyone could be open to change as society changes, then we could understand and accept each other easier. If we could get past how we are different then we could focus on how we are the same. Accepting others beliefs could even change your ideas/opinions.But I believe to truly accept each other we have to be very open to change and other people's beliefs.

On the other hand, it can be very hard to accept change. People just want things to stay the way they are used to. It can also be hard to come together when your beliefs are drastically different. Sometimes it can be hard to accept or be open to things and ideas you are not used to. Especially if you have been raised in a close minded environment. However, at some point you have to realize that things are always changing, and you yourself have changed. If you can realize that then you can definitely be open minded and accepting.

In conclusion, I think that people need to focus on what we share instead of how we are different. We also need to accept each others ideas, beliefs, and opinions. This is very important because to see important change happen we all need to be open to it. So the question that stands is, will you focus on how we are the same? Or will you focus on how we are different?




Classen School of Advanced Studies Classen SAS 8th Grade English 2018

An arts and IB magnet school in the heart of Oklahoma City.

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