My American creed is unity. Without unity we have nothing.

My American creed is unity because unity is important to our nation's success. With no unity, there can be no consensus in government. Debates in the house and senate can become gridlocked and as a result our nation can suffer. For example, the debt ceiling currently needs to be raised but partisan divisions are preventing it from occurring. Without unity, Americans can be at each other's throats. As we see now, increased partisan divisions are causing tension between citizens. Without a feeling of unity, many Americans feel like their vote and their participation in government is useless. This is evident in the lack of turnout of young people to the polls. Many young people are not voting because of a lack of unity in our nation. Without unity, news stations become very polarized. For example, news stations align with parties and cover news in a more biased way. Citizens then view this news and become even more divided. This is why it's important to be unified as a nation so that our media doesn’t emulate the citizens and become biased, which in turn makes the citizens more divided. Ultimately, unity is crucial to our nation.




Bay High School 2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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