I believe the makeup behind one's American Creed is rooted strongly from their family and homelife. Families can often be complex and confusing, but they are an essential factor to an American Creed.

My American Creed is derived from my family and the way they raised me. I have a very loving and supporting family that has always been there for me when I need them. I believe the relationship within a family and the support they provide is essential to the makeup behind one's American Creed.

I am extremely fortunate to have a loving and supportive family (two parents and three sisters) despite all the differences and disagreements between us. If I didn’t have both parents with me throughout every new step I've taken in life, I don’t know how I would have turned out. I don’t mean to suggest that those without both parents in their life or with divorced parents will turn out worse than me. That is far from the truth. What I mean to say is that if my parents were in a different situation than the one they are in now, I would not be the person I am today. I wouldn't be "better" or "worse" than who I am now, I would just be different. The makeup of one family is not better than that of another. All families come in unique shapes and sizes, which is one of the main reasons why I believe America is so great.

When I was around 6 years old my family went to visit my grandma and her brother, Mike, in New York. When Mike arrived at my Grandma's house he brought along one of his friends, Marge. Mike and Marge had been friends since they were very young and had visited each other every day since then. Their relationship was entirely platonic and they called each other family. At the time I didn't understand how a man and a woman could be with each other for so long and be with each other. Their definition of family looked different than my version of a family. Nonetheless, they loved and supported each other like my own parents and sisters would. They were not biologically related or related through law, but together they were family.

My parents have supplied endless support throughout my life in building high expectations for my future and providing hundreds of new opportunities. Many families aren't able to give their loved ones the support they need or want whether it be financially, spiritually, or through any other manner. As a result, these people will have a different aspect in life based on what their family is able to provide. There are so many different families each with their own social and financial status, but so long as one has another to call family, everyone is united. 

My family raised me to believe that everyone (even those I don't get along with) deserves to have a family. I've come to understand that it doesn't matter what you look like or how you were raised, because there is at least someone out there who considers you family. My American Creed is that kin is not limited to those related to you by blood, but rather to all of those who provide support and call you family.




Bay High School 2023 2nd Block

AP Government Class

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