freedom and equality is the key to the american dream

Every American citizen is different, the common similarity is freedom.

Families immigrate in hopes of reaching the “American Dream” but what is the American dream?

For years groups were stuck feeling unequal--- women, native americans, LGBTQ, other people of color. They suffered so we could live in equality.

But there is still absence of prosperity.

Struggling under the roof of poverty.

It’s a constant battle to build a steady base to sit on top.

Is this how it’s always going to be?

Those on the bottom of the stairs striving to climb.

While Elon Musk continues to pile bills on top of his $188 billion.

Of course gratefulness for equality should never depart

The American Dream should develop from the pride in those who fought

Whether it was on the country front, or screaming for the right to vote.

Now all American citizens are blessed with having the same rights as the person right next to them.




Bay High School 2023 2nd Block

AP Government Class

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