In today's world, we have learned lots of lessons along the way to shape our society into who and what we are. One thing, however that has made us who we are is the fact that we believe so strongly in defending ourselves and standing our ground.

There are many things that we, as Americans have learned from our past. These things that we learned are lessons that set up America and shape us into who we are. We have gone through a number of situations that put us in a position that can shake our thoughts of what the "American Dream" really is. However, there is one principle that brings us together. My American creed is that we believe so strongly in standing our ground and strongly stating our opinions. This is something that has brought many Americans together, and makes us feel united.

If you were to go back in history with the Gilded Age, this is when we started to question and see the reality of what we need to be. The start of the Women's Suffrage movement was starting to come into perspective. With the Women's suffrage, different groups of women were able to come together to fight for the right to be equal as men. This is because women started to realize that there was an imbalance between the two genders. One was treated significantly better than the other. Women were able to come together and fight for their rights and stand their ground. They believed so heavily in having equality for all, that they protested for their rights. In addition, if we go even further into American history and talk about the civil rights movement, this is what really defines us Americans. There were many forms of discriminations not just towards black people, but other groups as well such as Latinos, disabled people, members of the LGBTQ+, etc. Each of these groups, fought for their rights to be equal. Each of these groups were able to come together and strongly say their opinions. During each of these eras, many people rioted and held protests. I think this is what really shaped America into who we are. The fact that we learned from our past history, to speak our hearts and say it with our chest is what defines Americans. And now, we are able to see that in today's society. We are able to vote and pick who runs our government. And this comes down to us uniting together and strongly stating our opinions. 

I have learned and seen many transitions happen in American history. However, there is one thing in common: we fight and stand our grounds, regardless of the situation we are put in. We believe so strongly in our own beliefs, we make sure that everybody knows where we stand. This is a lesson that I have seen throughout history. There are many riots and many protests to prove that we feel united, when we stand our ground. There are so many little bits of history that can be dark, but there is one thing you can find in each part, is that we stand our ground and are so stubborn in what we believe in. This gets us what we want and it makes us live freely. This is who we are. 




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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