The American dream and how it has helped so many people around the world.

The American dream is something a lot of people dream about. People all over the world have been told that if they want to make their dream come true they have to go to America. America has so many opportunities for people. With all the opportunities America has you can make any dream come true as long as you try. People all over the country have always tried to make it to America so they can make it to their dreams. 

Now it's time for my story. My parents and my whole family were born in Venezuela. My parents wanted to make sure that we had all the opportunities we could potentially get. So they made the hard decision to move countries. Because in Venezuela we wouldn't have the same opportunities we would have in America. They also dreamed of the American dream, but instead of doing it for them they did for their kids. My parents have always made us work really hard for what we want. They have always wanted the best for us. So that we learn that if we want something we have to work for it. 

The American dream consists of making yourself useful and making yourself work hard. With working hard come all the opportunities people could have. People might take those opportunities for granted. Some people may see people from other countries and think badly of them. In my opinion they just don't understand how they see the country. Their other country might of been a place where there was very little opportunity and for them being here is a huge change. That's why I think something that unites us is all the opportunities this place has. 




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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