Place of Many Opportunities

Many people come to America to get more opportunities mostly ones that they couldn't get somewhere else.

I think that my American Creed is that I believe that everyone should be treated with equality, freedom and with many opportunities. many people don't get as many opportunities because of their race or their beliefs or even their background. I feel like everyone should get the same opportunities and get to achieve their dreams no matter what background they have, what different beliefs they have and because of race. everyone should have a chance to pursue their dreams. people should be able to bring together culture and traditions. They should all be able to all celebrate diversity and all get along. 

America is a place of many opportunities. Many people come to America to get more opportunities mostly ones that they couldn't get somewhere else. I feel like things could get better if more people stepped in and helped each other instead of just staying there and watching things happen that shouldn't happen. There are also some people that step in and help one another. this is better than just watching and not willing to help. Most people would want to get treated right and with respect so that's how they treat others because it always comes back to you. 

lastly, I believe that America can really truly be a place that people can express themselves and show traditions or beliefs. there's a lot of good opportunities in America so people shouldn't have to be pulled back from them. it can be expressed in many ways such as art, music and fashion.  I believe that could make America so exciting and joyful more than it already is. America can be a place where dreams are made and they don't have issues and that people can express traditions, cultures, and passions without being judged.  

Copper Hills High School

Rollins Class

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