My american creed is based off of being able to work together, pushing past boundaries, and allowing for everyone to receive opportunities to improve the world around them.

The United States of America is a unique country from the rest of the world. The vast culmination of different cultures, ideas, and morals makes discrepancies in our nation normal. However, I believe that as a nation we all share certain values and goals that can unite us. These shared principles can help us grow ourselves, communities, and even our nation together. That is why my American Creed means being able to work together, pushing past boundaries, and allowing for everyone to receive opportunities to improve the world around them.

One of the core values of our nation is our sense of togetherness. Over the years, I feel as if this value has been deteriorating with more and more polarization especially politically spreading throughout our country. However, I believe that our unity can be found again. Some may think that because someone is different from what they are that they can’t be associated with them. When in reality, working together with people who share different ideas is a good thing. This allows for more perspectives to be shared and compromises to be made to ensure that all sides are at least getting part of what they want. For example, in the Revolutionary War when our liberty seemed unlikely, our country and founding fathers banded together to ensure our freedom. When writing the constitution which still serves as our nation's governing document, two sides with different views (Federalist and Anti-Federalists) were able to collaborate and compromise to successfully govern this country. So working together allows our country to grow as a whole.

Our country over our history has a tendency to break barriers and push forward as a nation. This is one of our greatest strengths as a nation because this progress allows for our country to evolve and grow stronger. By pushing for change in subjects or areas that we think need to be improved, we improve our country as a whole. One example of pushing past boundaries in the USA was the evolution of the space program specifically NASA. In an arms race with the Soviet Union, the US vastly improved their space programs and had many achievements along the way with the main one being reaching the moon. A historical moment in human history and it was caused by the ability and desire to break boundaries. There have been plenty of other examples in US history some being the Civil Rights movement, the women's suffrage movement, and the westward expansion. All of these are examples of breaking a certain stigma or standard in society. While it takes courage and bravery to pursue these changes, the benefits of changing and improving our country are enormous.

Finally, the American Dream which is held so dear to us is centered around freedom and opportunity. We as a nation pride ourselves in this aspect as to offer chances to everyone. Although our system isn't perfect by any means and there have been cases of groups being denied these rights, we have grown as a country to be more inclusive. By allowing everyone to make their own decisions and have their own personal freedoms, we as a country open the door to everyone having a say or a voice. When we deny people these opportunities we only limit ourselves because we aren't open to a different perspective. Although some people might be put in more advantageous when they are born based on their wealth, its important to account for and provide opportunities to those who might not be as lucky. So in conclusion, our nation needs to do better to provide opportunities not only for certain groups but for everyone in our country.




Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

AP Government Class

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