My response is a reflection of my views of our country and how they compare to our countries foundation

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,

These are the ideals our country was founded upon,

These are the rights we are supposed to have,

These are what people fought for,

What people bled for,

What people died for,

But these are the ideals that are not followed

Everyday men and women work tirelessly to put food on the table

Children go to school and are burdened with the future of our country

This is hardly a life of their choosing,

It is the life that has been forced upon them

Everyday people die due to violence

Children are sent to place that has been compromised by gun violence

Parents hug their kids before school and fear that it may be the last

But this is no longer fear or anxiety

It is acceptance

Violence has become a normal part of society

Everyday people are denied their basic rights because of their appearance

Women are stripped the right to choose what happens to their bodies

Minorities are faced with racism and violence

People face discrimination based solely upon who they love

Although unjust, they are used to it

These inequalities have become a normal part of everyday life

Even though change is being pushed

Discrimination will always be present

Everyday people kill the environment for personal gain

Animals are hunted as a game

Trash pollutes ecosystems due to pure laziness

Forests are chopped down for infrastructure

And people become desensitized to the crimes committed against the earth

Simply due to their desire for more

Everyday people fall in and out of love

Husbands cheat on wives

Parents disown children

Families fall apart

And sickness overtakes health

But this is not unusual in our society

It is normal

Everyday the foundations this country was based upon are disobeyed

This nation is built upon broken promises and false hope

People say America is the land of the free but how can that be true

This nation is broken and its wounds can not simply be covered

It is not an issue caused by the nations foundations tho

Theoretically the structure is sound

The issue is human nature and the greed, jealousy, and lies that occur as an effect of it

Human nature can never be overpowered

It will always be present in society along with the damages caused by it




Bay High School 2nd Block

2nd Block AP Gov

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