I'm writing about what words like free and opportunity mean express what we are and what we have. I talk about the people the way they are treating the american flag. And what things bring us together as one nation.

What words, symbols, and rituals express the American Creed? Words such as free, America is a free country. We are free because we are able to live where ever we want. We are able to be what we want. We are able to eat wherever we want. Opportunity is another word; we have the opportunity to be whatever we want. We have to opportunity to make our own business. We can have any religion that we want.

There are symbols both good and bad to America. The American flag is a good symbol for most people whereas the confederate flag is typically a bad symbol. The people who are burning and hanging the American flag upside-down is disrespectful to our soldiers who fought for us to give us the right to be free. The uniform that our soldiers went into combat with is a symbol of bravery and courage to go fight for other people’s rights.

When something bad happens to America, we all come together as one. Our rituals that we do are making immigrants American citizens. That is a good ritual that we do, it lets people that were in poverty or war in their country have a safer life. I guess you can say that America gave them a chance to start over. The 4th of July is a good time to celebrate our independence, where we shoot off fireworks and come together as one. On Memorial Day, we honor our soldiers who fought for us.

In sports, such as football, the players that are kneeling down for our national anthem doesn't seem right to me. In rodeo, we notice and honor our flag. We also honor our soldiers, but the most important thing about rodeo is that it brings us together. That shows the rituals, words, and symbols of the American Creed. 




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