American Creed is found in individuals and in their communities. The values for each group of people is different and unique but all of these values still affect the people around them and create a united country.


America is a country with many different cultures, different religions, different values, different people. Everyone is unique in their own way with distinct values that as a country we unite on. Each individual person in this country holds on to certain stories that mold their values but most importantly the people they are around the most or the community they live amongst also impacts their values. In order for this country to be united, we all have to accept each other’s ideas or values. Our American creed is the base of our developing country. People come to America in order to start over and live a better life but in order to do that they need to know no matter their religion or values, they are accepted. Because values are secured by the law to make individuals feel safe.

Individual values

Everyone in this world has different values that they have as individuals. As Americans, the big three are freedom, equality, Individuality. Freedom entitles people to fight for what they believe is right. Freedom is the value this country was built on and gives the people the right to “speak out when nations violate their citizens’ rights” (Gilpin 2). Equality is another defining value that the country lives by and it says “‘is created equally’” and that every single citizen “has the same rights” (International Student Guide). Equality is so important to American citizens there are “laws that protect this ‘right to equality’ in its various forms” (International Student Guide). Last but not least, individuality and this one is a value that many people believe can take a person far in life so that they can overcome obstacles on their own and succeed. These three values are what keep bring people to America and these three values are what keeps America going.

Values as a Community

As a community, we come together to share our ideas and values with each other through different media. Different cultures have formed groups in different communities to communicate ideas, values, and discuss how to improve their community. In a community, people try to start social groups so that interacting with one another gives them a push into improving their community or influencing other communities around them. People who come from other parts of the world to join our community need to see that our American Creed is communicated through our community (Quentin). Diversity is what helps communities grow and improve because of all the different ideas that come from different cultures and values.


America is a diverse country that has diverse communities. It has many values that individuals value but it also has values that community values too. People are brave enough to discuss their values with others because they are protected by the law saying they have to right to practice their religion. People communicate their American creed through their communities to keep the country united.

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