This is a piece by a high school student on the core American Values and what his views are on the subject. And it shows how the values affect people, and what experiences have led to the values.

America has many great values that are the core of America itself. These values consist of freedom, equality and individuality. As Americans we exercise each value everyday, we have the freedom of voicing our opinions, we are equal and anyone can do anything, and we are our own individual self. People come from all around the world seeking a better life and many times it is America they look to. This makes America home to hardworking individuals and a country with a diverse group of people. Everyone has a chance in America, there is a reason people call this the land of opportunity.

Freedom is a core value that goes into the deepest part of America, America broke away from Britain to be a free state, free of a tyrannical government and unfair rules, to practice the religion they please without being punished. People nowadays come to America for the same reason, to be free. There is still a lot of unfair governments in the world in places like Venezuela and Syria. In these places citizens have little say in the countries decisions. In these countries and many more the government is corrupt and unfair keeping money from their citizens. People in America are more free than ever the Rights listed in the First Amendment give the people freedom of speech, press, petition, assembly, and religion (U.S. Const. amend I.). People are free to say what they want, meet with others, protest, output news and practice the religion they choose. And people in America practice these rights every day, one can look on social media and see many viewpoints and see others opinions and voice their own without the fear for being punished by the government.

Another major value is equality, equality in America does not mean being equal to everyone else but to have an equal chance to succeed as everyone else. Everyone gets the same time to create and destroy everyone gets the same 24 hours but what one does with that depends on one’s motive to succeed. Another aspect of equality is gender equality. America has accepted women as equal contenders in the workforce for a long time. As long as they produce the same work quality their peers can produce. Adding to this it has been proven that women are better at some jobs compared to men jobs like secretary, teaching positions and marketing and advertising. There are more women in congress than ever before which mean more women are running for leadership positions. The last main part of equality is racial equality. RIght now in America it is more equal than ever. There is occasional racism for all races but there will always be until there are still stereotypes on people. Everyone of every color have an equal chance of doing really anything in America. America looks at a person's qualifications other than race.

Individuality is the last of the core American values. We as America are an individualistic state. Which means we are more independent people. People in America are taught to be independent since they are born. They are taught more to do things themselves and for themselves. However this individuality sparks uniqueness. Being an independent person leads to one doing things their own way and in America. Uniqueness is a product of individuality and a product of America.

Freedom, equality and individuality are America’s biggest core values that will never be forgotten. People in America strive for all of these values and everyone has an equal chance in doing so. Everyone has a chance and no one should give up because once you do another person will just take your place. A person with more individuality a person who is more free in expressing them self and a person who has the chance.

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