Symbols show up on our lives everyday. America has many objects and items that represent the nation and they all have their own meanings and history.

 When someone thinks of America or American history many different things may pop into their minds. Like the different monuments we have or common images that go along with America. Those symbols are ones that have formed into what America is viewed as today. They are a way we represent ourselves and hold our country to its history. Uncle Sam, St. Louis Arch, bald eagles, Mt. Rushmore, Liberty Bell, Washington monument, Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Seal, the White House, and many more things are symbols of our nation.

All of these symbols mean something to America. Most have been associated with America for centuries, coming from our history. America’s presidents have many symbols and statues to honor and keep their legacy in today’s era. Many statues have also been given to us or someone has made them in honor of someone else. Even actual animals and objects are viewed as symbols of America.

As crazy as it may seem that symbols can represent our country, they have a huge impact on Americans daily lives. People think about these items without even knowing it. The White House, Statue of Liberty, Presidents, and many more. It is amazing how our country can be shown in many different ways.





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