Racism is a huge problem not only around the U.S, but the world. racism has a huge impact in the history of the U.S. In this article, I'm trying to find out what started racism, what influences racism, and how to end racism.

Racism is a huge problem not only around the U.S, but the world. Racism has a huge impact in the history of the U.S with slavery being around in the 17th century. The civil war a war fought for and against slavery. Reconstruction a point in time after the civil war when the U.S congress made three amendments to the constitution that deals with slavery and african americans. The 1920s when women achieved the goal of having equal rights. All these events has impacted the U.S into turning it to what it is today. I made some questions that I planned on answering in this essay. How did Racism start in America ? What influences racism? If we do end racism is it possible for it to re-emerge in the future?

The very first question some may want to tackle is How did racism begin in America? There is evidence that racism existed way back even before the american revolutionary war which states. ¨1771-1780 No book during the Revolutionary era stirred more debates over slavery than this first-ever book by an African-American woman. Assimilationists and abolitionists exhibited Wheatley and her poetry as proof that an “uncultivated barbarian from Africa” could be civilized, that enslaved Africans “may be refin’d, and join th’ angelic train” of European civilization and human freedom. Enslavers disagreed, and lashed out at Wheatley’s “Poems.” This piece of evidence comes from an article on the New York Times “A History of Race and Racism in America” This demonstrates that years before the civil war began racism was still a thing and most importantly slavery. By showing The civil war began in year 1861 and rumors of slavery existed even before that coming from the year 1771 thanks to the new york times. If slavery existed back then that means racism had of to existed as well during that time period.

Since we know what year racism began know we need to know what influences it. One article from “Madeline S.” “What is the American Dream” states that “Americans need to focus on what we have in common, not on what divides us. We have a tendency to look over the things we share, and focus ourselves on how we are different. If we could only look at all the things we have in common, we could come together much easier”. This means that some humans will try to deem ourselves superior to other things that aren’t like us. This can explain racism because if you look at “Racism” it says “Racism prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior”. What causes racism is the will to be superior to others.

Our final question is If we do end racism is it possible for it to re-emerge in the future? This question has two for one the first question I’ll answer is if we do end racism?

From one of the articles I read it stated that “I think that people need to focus on what we share instead of how we are different. We also need to accept each others ideas, beliefs, and opinions. This is very important because to see important change happen we all need to be open to it.” If we do end racism we all are gonna have to accept one another for who we are. A task that I believe people have the capability to complete, but a task that we choose not to. Because of this I believe the possibility to end racism are extremely low. The second part of the question is if we do end racism is it possible for it to return? From the articles that i read it states “If everyone could be open to change as society changes, then we could understand and accept each other easier.” As i said before for everyone to have the will to accept one another is low and I sadly see this as a yes because of the will that we have to be superior. Just as how we have the possibility to cause racism to re-emerge doesn’t mean it can’t vanish like it’s first arrival. The second time around might be way more quicker then the first because if we have a massive group of people that are already against racism and one person that’s pro racism doesn’t mean that it would spread personally if this is the case people will be quick to put a stop to this.

People today even talk about this situation. Reports from writers. Some even making it on the New York Times. One article “Charles Blow” “On Race The Moral High Ground” “You see, racism is a moral corruption built on an intellectual fallacy and exists as a construction invented for the very purpose of violence.” This means that corrupt people uses racism as a way to become superior to someone and cause violence with it.  




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