Everyone should know that education is one of the most important things in our life. Some people take school for granted, but there are groups of people who actually want to do good in school. They are the ones who help out this country.

                                                          DACA and the DREAMERS

The United States is where there are lots of opportunities for education and jobs for many people. One reason can be for immigrants coming to America to get those opportunities. Some of the immigrants are children or teens looking for education and the opportunities with schools. There are many races from different countries and continents. But, the most profiled immigrants are the hispanics and that's from the support of President Trump. Hispanic students are in many places in the United States like New York, California, Texas and Florida. There are 11.6 hispanic immigrants in the United States that are the variety of children, teenagers, and adults coming for the opportunities. The students who were born here in the United States have more opportunities than the immigrants since they don't have to worry about going through a process to get into schools like middle school and high school.

The rate of Mexican students that have a college bachelor's degree or higher may have risen by a small amount since 1980. The mexicans who are 25 or older with their high school diploma doubled since 1980 from 11.4% of students to 25.1% students. Only certain people can be part of DACA and be a Dreamer. Those who can be DREAMERS are the Hispanics, Asians Europeans and Middle Easterns. According to, DACA has started when the former president, Barack Obama, has started it and many students have signed up for it. It has started in August and many immigrants have applied. More than 800,000 students have applied which more than 740,000 have been accepted and 60,000 have been denied. Some may still be pending ever since and it was only 3% of the students who applied from the 800,000+. Those who are still waiting to be accepted are the ones who really want to have the opportunity to do good in school, have better jobs that they may have and help out their family if they have any with them.

After Obama has finished his terms as president, the newest president, Trump, has tried to do things against hispanic immigrants the most and has racially profile them many times. He has said many things that can be offending to the hispanic culture. It makes the people who are that race feel like they are the minority group and feel like they can’t do what they want to do by the words that are being said to them. That brings their hope down and makes them feel worthless to the society. What he was doing, was affecting the students because they are the one worrying about their DACA renewal and if it would be renewed ever. That led to the protest of some DACA students and United States citizens saying to let the students from around the world that are DREAMERs have a good way of having education. The students only want to be in school and show that the hispanic community is more than what Trump says that they are. They want to show that without the students and immigrants, some things won't be possible without them.

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