This text is about how and why water pollution is a real problem in our world and how it will affect us in the future. Think about how this problem came about and what causes it had. This text will explain those reasons.

The Real Problem that we need to fix:

One major or problem we should all think and do something to solve is how we use our water supply and how water pollution can affect our health and the world as a whole. Also what did it lead up to this major problem from our communities to the state then the country then the nearby countries then the Globe. Why are we dumping so much waste into our very helpful and good systems? How can we change this very important problem and how can we as a community? Why do some people don’t even care about the problem and why don’t they?

Freshwater Levels Through The Years:

There’s a lot of changes of freshwater levels through the years. Also, this is mainly caused by how us humans use and put our waste which is sadly in our world in local rivers, oceans and ponds or lakes to dump our waste’s at which can hurt whatever lives there and us because of how we treat the water. Freshwater is the most scarce kind of water we can find. Also if this problem about us a very very high amount of us not taking care or realizing about this problem it will get more worse. According to “Denchak” the by the year 2050 we would be demanding ⅓ more freshwater than we need right now in 2019(Logos). The link in the bottom to see about this very very important problem to our whole population and the Earth itself.

Water Pollution:

Water pollution is a very major and important topic and problem to solve in this day in age. The reason for being because it can affect the whole population in just a matter of days, weeks, months and/or maybe even years. Also the real main cause of this very deadly and major problem is that we are dumping to much animal waste, our waste and other germs and bacteria in the water with waste producers like us humans. There’s a lot of germs in just one part of a very polluted river, ocean, pond or lake. Also the fact pollution can be caused in many ways in our Era. The link down below shows you what the Galamsey River looks like before and now. 

GroundWater and How It Affects Us In Many Ways:

Groundwater for some people is there only source of water in some Nations and areas of your own country. If some of you are wondering what is groundwater it is when rain or melted ice or snow goes through cuts and cracks in the earth and go deep in the crust then it becomes groundwater. But in the process though the water gets dirty, bacterias get in it and very bad germs get in it too.

Also it can be very deadly in some groundwater country’s if not processed correctly and may get polluted too in the ground. Here’s a s link to the picture of changes in its water supply through the years U.S.A, California. 


All of this is major causes of our and animal waste being dumped into the ocean, lake, ponds and rivers. Also what has happened through the years when it first started until present day and continuing to this day and time you are reading this. Then are animals and species in the water that are getting harmed by our wastes and animal wastes being dumped into the water supply. So make a change before it’s too late to change it. Also watch videos of how to make a change to our amazing Earth and use the videos to make a change and tell others to help you. Then spread the word tell it out cause if you do you never know you might be a founder of a community group to help get freshwater and clean water to drink and not die or get sick from its harmful bacteria that can hurt you. So make a change help our Earth be great like back in the 50’s until 80’s, help it and it will help us in many ways so we can live.

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