Gives an outlook of the opportunities that immigrants have in America.

Foreigners are attracted to the United States by certain perks that it holds. These perks allow them to immigrate into the U.S to search for a better life. In foreign countries, they might not provide the resources for certain people who want to pursue a career of entrepreneurship, so they’ll look at America to see that anybody; no matter their appearance, can pursue their dream of becoming a business owner. For example, Islam is not originated in the United States, so when people immigrate over from Europe looking for a better life conditions, Americans will accept them for who they are and give Muslims an opportunity that wasn't really offered in Asia. In a matter of fact, immigrants have been taking that chance by forming their own business at a surprising rate. John Feinblatt, who is the chairman of the New American Economy research fund stated that “Our system certainly doesn’t make it easy for immigrant entrepreneurs—but still, immigrants work hard, they start businesses, and they create jobs for American workers.” Cultural differences may cause challenges for immigrants in the workforce but, these foreign individuals use the opportunity and freedom that is given to them to create something special. America brings a vast amount of opportunity to immigrants by allowing them to have freedom. When it comes to entrepreneurship, immigrants are able to create better opportunities for themselves and others.

America gives immigrants the opportunity to create their own business and they have an easier time doing it in America than their original country. My Dad, named Brian Arbeiter, has been working in the workforce for many years, cooperating with a variety of diverse cultures. Due to that reason, I wanted to interview him to here his take on what America brings to U.S citizens. To start off the interview, I asked him to give me his opinion on what it meant to be an American. He said that being an American allows us to be apart of a democratic society that provides an opportunity for all. Then, he went onto say that America gives equal opportunities for both the rich and poor along with the educated and uneducated. After that, I asked what the words ‘blessed’ and ‘opportunity’ meant to him. He said that being blessed means that you appreciate what you have, instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Americans are always going to be given an opportunity but, it is up to you to make the most of it. My Dad gives a good outlook of what America has in store for people who want to become citizens in the United States. Immigrants will be given the chance to create a business no matter what their total income was before. As stated in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, you’ll be given freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. This is a great example of how America outlines values that promotes respect and allows “acceptance of different opinions.” My dad’s answers exemplified what being an American is all about. Entering the United States will give immigrants a chance to have a better life, by which they can do whatever they set their minds too.

Being an entrepreneur in America can be very hard on people. If you’re an immigrant, you might face challenges that’ll give you a rough time but, that is not the case for immigrants only. It can be anyone trying to become an entrepreneur. According to Migration Policy Institute, immigrants will have a lack of english, they’ll be unfamiliar of the environment around them, as well as lack of familiarity with local markets. All of these challenges might be a minor setback. For them to be successful in the U.S workforce, they’ll have to adapt to America’s culture. Adapting to America’s wide set culture might be a difficult process, but immigrants will find a way to overcome these difficulties to progress as an immigrant entrepreneur.

America is a place meant for freedom. That freedom allows people to find light for themselves, which helps their life become a lot easier. The title of freedom and opportunity attract people from all over the world. That is why the United States has become so diverse over the years. Immigrants use the freedom that is given to them to create businesses which can help produce other jobs for the unemployed. According to Professor Amelle Constant, who writes for the Huffington post, says that immigrants “stimulate job creation through increased production, self-employment, entrepreneurship and innovation.” Professor Amelle highlights that immigrants use the freedom given to them to help the U.S job market. The Declaration of Independence states that all people have the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Liberty can be equated with the freedom that is handed out to the individuals in America and the pursuit of happiness can be equated with the opportunity that the freedom gives to immigrants. According to the New American Economy Research Fund, “In 2014, America’s foreign-born population owned close to three million businesses, generating over $65 billion in business income.” Immigrants have clearly taken advantage of what America has to offer, in terms of, freedom and opportunity. The amount of jobs that these businesses can cause the unemployment rate to decrease because when the numbers of total businesses increase, the total number of open jobs will increase. Foreigners bring their hard work and dedication to America, not only to help them but to help the Americans in need of a better style of life too.

In conclusion, America is a country where immigrants take the freedom they have to create opportunity for themselves. Entrepreneurship allows immigrants to create jobs for themselves and the people around them. When it comes to foreign countries, people think about coming to America to have a better way of life. America promotes the words freedom and opportunity to allow people to have a good quality of life. Most of the time, immigrants come from places around the country that deal with lots of issues like high population, poverty, poor economy or no rights are provided for them at all. Once they enter the U.S, it gives them the chance to start over and live the American dream. America is a place where individuals get equal rights, and will give you the opportunity to experience equal rights.   




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