The United States has been called a "country of immigrants." Immigrants play a major role in our life as Americans and they have shaped our country over the past hundreds of years.

As Americans, we often take for granted how lucky we are. In our country, no dream is out of sight. Sadly, not everyone on earth has this luxury. America is a diverse country where people come to, from all over the world, for a better life.

The National Parks Service has an archive of creditable life stories of immigrants and immigrant families, since they are the stewards of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, where many immigrants have first stepped on American soil. One of the stories in their archive is that of Ipachos Perdikis. His life proves that America is a land of limitless opportunity. Ipachos and his family moved to New York City from their home in Cyprus. The family of three came to the United States, in 1921, in search of opportunities. The NPS continues to tell how Ipachos was able to study music and dance and tour across the nation. He commented on New York saying, “From that beautiful city, I got my dreams.” The story of Ipachos proves what can happen to those who come to America. America gives its people outlets that allow its people to achieve their goals. These outlets and opportunities are not always available in the home countries of immigrants. Iphacos shows how America is the dawn of a new day for many dreamers coming from homes of instability and little opportunity.

Some Americans believe that their country has too many stereotypes and economic pitfalls to advertise “A new life” to immigrants. They think that immigrants will live in poverty. Peace Catalyst, an organization that promotes peace between east and west tells the story of Ahmed, a recent immigrant from Somalia. “Growing up in a low-income family and going to a private school, I was surrounded by what I thought were people who had attained the “American Dream”.” Despite this, America is a place where people can feel safer and explore their possibilities. “There was always a culture to succeed and aim high in our family.” Peace Catalyst tells us that as Ahmed has aged he has learned the greatness of America and how he has so many opportunities to do what he loves and help people. ”In adulthood I viewed the American dream as being able to use what I learn and any financial gain or success I acquire to make and impact in the lives of those who cared for me and to make a difference in the world.” Ahmed is a more modern day example of . The diversity of America's immigrants are proof that this opportunity is recognized all around the world.

America is a country that is proud of its immigrants and treasures their cultures, talents, and histories. In recent years, my father has worked alongside a wide variety of immigrants. They come from France, Australia, Mexico, and other countries. America is a hub of international commerce. This makes immigrants valuable assets to the automotive and other industries. When interviewing my father concerning his coworkers he also told how immigrants often find groups of others from their homeland to welcome them to their new country. “These people find communities of people just like them… Other Australians, Frenchmen.” They can meet via work, school, or even having the same realtor suggest neighboring properties. It is these groups and communities that allow America’s many roots to be recognized, not totally assimilated and forgotten.

There is a reason that America has been immigrants’ destination for generations. Their dreams are attainable, their insight into foreign cultures is an economic asset, and the collaboration of their histories is what makes America the renown country that it is.




Royal Oak High School AP Lang 2019

Personal responses to American Creed, the documentary.

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