In my piece I am trying to help the people who are reading this understand that the accessibility that people have to education isn't the same for everyone. I to help people realize that some may have to work harder to achieve their goals in life and education they desire.

Have you ever thought about how your going fund going to college? Well for some people it will be hard to attend college due to the rising costs of attending. What I mean by this is some individuals may not have the same ability to pay the costs of attending college as others who are able to afford it. An individual's family income can play a huge role in how they finance college. For many people here in America, education is important because having an education plays a role in achieving who you really want to be and the goals you have in life. What I want to be shown by this is that maybe there is a way to change the cost of college to where everyone can affordably have the opportunity to attend college.

Now I’m certain that over time many of us have noticed that for some people it is easier to access a good, quality education, which in other places that is not the case. In part by saying this there are people who take the easily access we have to education in America for granted, not realizing that others outside of American and some people within America wish they had. What I am trying to show by saying all of this is that I want each of you who reads this to take a moment and think to yourself about how fortunate you were to have the access to the education that you have had so far growing up, and think about how we take this privilege for granted, while others wish they could of had these things. I want you to be able to think about what made this possible, how this was made possible, how having this education has impacted your life whether it be in a positive or negative way. I would like you to take a moment and ponder on this.

Do you ever find yourself just sitting there wondering how you will pay your bills, cover the cost of something, afford some of your needs and necessities? It can be stressful at times, can it not? Let me share something with you. I have seen my parents sitting at the dining room table, in our dimly lit kitchen, peering over several sheets of paper, when I look over their shoulders I see that they are looking over their monthly bills as well as the income we have brought in this month and trying to find the best way to cover the cost of these bills. By the looks of frustration on their faces, and the other sheets laid out on the table that contained some of our previous monthly bills. I can begin to understand why they're looking at the papers in the fashion they are, the numbers are seeming to be astronomically higher than usual. I can almost tell what thoughts must be crossing their minds. Do you ever find yourself in this situation?

Recently I have seen myself falling into this same situation, the peering over the several sheets of paper, with those same look of frustration, the thoughts I felt crossing their minds now crossing mine, the only difference is that I am looking over the costs of college. The sheets of paper are filled with the costs of the different colleges that I would like to look into that have programs I am interested in, which that is stressful even in itself. I find myself looking over the possible scholarships and financial aid I could apply for, but then at the same time I begin to think about what if I don’t get any of those scholarships or am not able to receive financial aid, then I will be back at square one, looking back into the abyss of papers on the dining room table, in our dimly lit kitchen, with the same look of frustration.

People have said that hard work pays off, why do they say this, how do they know this? They say that hard work can lead to success and lead to achieving your goals. They usually know this from going through their own experiences. I want to talk about hard work for a second. I have noticed that I couldn’t of achieved the things I have so far without doing some type of hard work. I still have plenty of hard work ahead of me if I want to continue to achieve the things I would like to have in life, for example going to college, getting a degree, having a steady and balanced life in the world. What I want you as the ones who are going to be reading this is that although you may not realize it, you have had to partake in working hard and putting a lot of effort into achieving the things that you have. But, I want you to also think about how much hard work you have had to actually had to put into achieving these things compared to those around you, do you notice a difference, do you notice any similarities in it. I want you to note it and think about why this is the way it is.

So, In conclusion to all of this it brings me back to the idea of accessibility to education. The point in all of this was to prove that not everyone has the same opportunity to have the same access to education as others do. Some people have to work harder than others to achieve their goals in life. I want to help people realize by reading this that some things in life may not be easily obtainable but it is possible with a little hard work and effort.




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