Being American to me is about using my freedom.I can use my freedom to do service to my community.I can use my freedom to do many other fun things.Using my freedom is what makes me American.

Being American is about serving others

It's about helping your community and using your freedom

What makes me American is not my birthright

What makes me American is my freedom to do anything

Freedom lets me do what I want

Freedom lets me be what I want

I appreciate the freedom that I have

I have the freedom to do good or bad

I have the freedom to do wrong or right

With my freedom I choose to serve my community

Whether you use your freedom correctly or incorrectly,

Using your freedom is what makes you American

The freedom to watch a baseball game

The freedom to eat a hot dog

The freedom to help my family

The freedom to serve my community

The freedom to visit new places

The freedom to do what I want

The freedom to be what I want

That is what makes me American




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