My poem is about the inequality in our country. I focus on three main types of inequality in our country that affect large amounts of people. The goal of my poem is to open each person's eyes about these problems in our country and that each person deserves equality.

By Jenna A. from Morehead Writing Project in Kentucky


Land of free is what we claim to be,

A statement with which I do not agree.

The country is filled with inequality you see,

With people being treated very differently.

Equal pay is something we have to fight for

Because men are always getting more.

“They have families” they say,

But so do Women; who take care of them everyday.

When will the shootings stop?

The innocent black people who have been shot by a cop

Didn’t stand a chance because the color of their skin,

and their families wonder what his/her life could have been.

The LGBT community is given much hate,

When being who you truly are should be seen a great!

We encourage people to do what makes them happy,

But then judge them for not being the same as the rest.

Let’s stop treating everyone differently,

And start helping one another to live equally.

If we stop the discrimination,

Land of the free will then truthfully be our nation.  

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