My essay portrays my American Creed, which correlates with the ideas crucial in the founding of America.

For centuries people have traveled to America with one common goal; improve their futures through hard work. I find that my American Creed, or defining trait that makes me American, relates to this goal.

My American Creed is my freedom and how it gives me the opportunity to pursue whatever I want in my future. My freedom allows me to make decisions that will greatly impact my life. I can choose to pursue higher education, or get a job, and essentially I define my future. I, like all Americans, have access to a high school education, unlike some countries where education is not offered to everyone, which provides me with a foundation for the path I choose after I graduate.

I am in control of my life. Freedom was a defining feature of America before it became a country, and it has remained a defining feature ever since. I have freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. I can choose who I am, who I want to become, and how I will achieve my goals.




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