American creed

How do words, symbols, or rituals express the American creed?

By Sophie from The Charlton School in New York

What about the red, white, and blue flag with the stars on it? It's pretty. It has a history from being made from the inspiration of sewing and war.

How do words, symbols or rituals express the American creed?

What about the red, white, and blue flag with the stars on it? It’s pretty. It has a history of being made from the inspiration of war and sewing. There have to be a million of them flying from schools, homes, and even churches. I’ll admit that I have American flag leggings and one hanging in my room myself. However, is it offensive when people refuse to stand in front of it at football games because they want to express that they feel persecuted? Should it be illegal to burn it?

Should we honor the idea or get offended over the disrespect of an object? The truth is each of us have individual opinions and that’s inevita ble.

What we can learn is to do is respect the individual opinions instead of name calling and yelling at each other. Either way, red white and blue will symbolize this country.

What about the dollar bill with the words In God We Trust? Should atheists get offended? Is it just an old saying that shouldn’t be taken seriously? Did God make this country or was it the government who decided this certain land was an individual country? Was it both? We can’t know. However, look at the presidents on the dollars and coins. Either way, money and they will symbolize this country.

What about the Holidays? Most of us agree the Fourth of July with fireworks and cookouts is joyful. Is it okay for Christmas trees to be displayed in public all over? The Christmas songs? Is Halloween offensive to the more conservative Christians? Does Columbus Day glorify aggressiveness and slavery instead of finding America? Should it be abolished? How long will it take? Is being Muslim anti-American? Is the point of America diversity and tolerance? There are arguments. Either way, all of this will go on.

Just set aside hate and honor what symbolizes America to you.

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