What does it truly mean to be an American? In a short narrative I describe what I believe is the true American Creed we share as a nation.

What defines a nationality? Is it a skin color, an accent, a history, or a persona? We as Americans live a unique life where our world is the furthest thing from homogenous. The “melting pot” truly is the diverse crossroads of the world, where races, accents, languages, and cultures come to intermingle. However this complicates what it means to be an American, do we hyphenate our names with a nationality or do we hold true to the stars and stripes? My American creed is that we as Americans embrace who we are, what we stand for, and how unique our situation is. America was not made free, it had to be woven into our fabric of culture as time wore on. The nationality Americans can share is freedom.

When I was asked once what I believed was the epitome of American freedom, the first thing that came to my mind was the day we as Americans killed Osama Bin Laden. Freedom rang from the Atlantic to the Pacific and all races and languages who felt the blow of September 11, 2001 rose up in pride. Unity had no barrier on this day, the lives lost were revenged and the man who held the cards had fallen. There is no country on the planet that has the power we have, and with great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility that holds the utmost importance is the action of connecting with those who are also Americans, meaning those who live in the 50 great states of this country. When we go to a local market, we meet men and women of all different cultures, this interaction is what makes us American. The American dream is one of pride but also one of culture. Americans stand for the flag not just for those who died, but also for those connections made.

What do I believe the American nationality is in the modern world? The word American is a name for the people lucky enough to wake up everyday and have no one dominating. These individuals can work with whomever they want, talk to whomever they see or meet, and bring forth whatever they believe is their contribution to the world. There is no responsibility in lifting up your neighbor and fellow American, there is freedom to do this, and that freedom can never be taken away. The world looks at Americans and sees success, a little bit of crazy, and most importantly, freedom. Even when the political landscape of our nation is in shambles we still pave the way for the world to follow. The way our nation has succeeded is through each other, not through money or cheating. A republic can only be as free as its people allow, following that notion I encourage the people of America to fight for their daily lives to be uniquely their own, and uniquely American.

My American creed is a simple one, do not stray from what built our country. To be an American is to embrace who we are, what we stand for, and how unique our situation is. Take pride in everyday life in this country and do not forget how lucky you are to be in the greatest country on earth. Stand for the flag for those who can't.




Bay High School 1st Block

1st Block AP Gov

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