My American creed consist of my language freedoms and responsibilities and how they will shape me as a person and shape my future.

There are many things that contribute to my american creed.One way is my language another way is my freedom and responsibilities and the power to be what i want.These make a big impact on my culture as a american.

Language this is a really big part of my creed.This is because if i would go to somewhere else in the world they could identify i was american because of the way i talk and sound.Everyone in my family has spoken english so it is a family thing also.Its not just the words I its the way i say them because I am from the south east so i have a different accent then some people so when i talk they can tell I am from the southern part of america.This is a big part of my creed and always will be because this how people identify where am from and where I live.

Another big part of my creed is my freedoms to say what i want do what i want and be whoever I while following the laws.My freedom gives me the opportunity to grow up and decided I wanna be a dentist or a doctor whatever i want just because of my freedom.Freedom leads us to who we are and who we will become in our future everything we do effets what will happen to us and we can do most things because of how free we are.Freedom is one of thew biggest things that can make or break someone's life you can choose if you use your freedom in a good way or a positive way.This shapes who i am and who I will become so this is way it is such a big part of my creed.

My last thing that contribute to my creed is responsabilites.One of these are you should always try to be the best person you can like if a older person needs help that's your responsibility to go and help them with what they need.Another is to always be respectful to whoever you are talking too.The last one is always follow the laws made by the government like no killing no stealing always do the right thing even if no one is around.These are our responsibilities as americans to always be respectful and do what is right when no one is watching.These show respect and class and shows you care this is why it's a big part of my creed because my family has always told me to be like that.

These are all big parts of my creed and my culture.These show how I identify as a american and the life i live and the future I will have.My language my freedom and my responsibilities.These will always be a part of my creed and lead me down the right path in the future because I have the skills and respect to do what i want with my life because of my creed and the skills it comes with. 




A group of 7th Grade American History wannabes

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