In America we have the ability to have responsibility, opportunity, and freedom. America wouldn’t be America without these three words. This is why I’m proud to be an American.

My American creed is responsibility. America might be different from other because we have responsibility as Americans. In some countries they have communism which means everybody works and earns equally and don’t have that much responsibility. In America we have a democracy in which we do have responsibilities to get a job and provide for our family’s and for ourselves.

We also have opportunity in America to make things happen. We have the opportunity to get rich, poor, serve for our country, have a family and to have an education. You have the ability to make a plan for your life.

You have more freedom to do what we want. We don’t get pushed around to do things that we don’t want to. In some countries people are told what to do a certain job. We have the ability to have and worship our own religions. In some countries they have a form of government called a theocracy which is where they have to worship a certain religion by force. In America we have the the freedom to worship our own religions by choice.




A group of 7th Grade American History wannabes

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