American creed is what makes you American. Your freedom, the democracy, the education, etc.

American Creed Speech

What is your American Creed? Or, what makes you american? Not just being born in America, but what do you do that makes you American? Freedom, the democracy, education,culture , law, etc. The opportunity is unlimited. A lot of immigrants moved to America for the freedom alone. The freedom of speech, free to bear arms. They wanted their rights. Also for some people, baseball makes them American. Baseball is America’s national pastime. Every other sport other than football was made in a different country. As foreigners came to America they also brought their culture. With them bringing their culture, their culture starts to become American culture. That's what makes them American. Also, believing is a part of being American. You as an American can believe in whatever you want. Religion is also a big part of that. Therefore, this is what makes people American plus many things.




A group of 7th Grade American History wannabes

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