My essay on American Symbolism

      What is America? America is made up of about 336 million people across 50 states under one nation. America over the years has accumulated many different people spanning different cultures of the world. About an estimated 46 million immigrants were recorded in 2021 making up about 14% of the population. Assuming more immigrants entered the states from 2021- 2024, 15% of the American population is made of immigrants. This is great for America because it brings diverse people over many other cultures to share with others in a nation where they may participate in any religion or beliefs under the law. Understanding how other parts of the world works is important to a good community. Since any good nation is made of a thriving community it is crucial to see different points of view to comprehend others' beliefs and reasons.

      As a nation that carries the importance of community and understanding, there are symbols that must represent the nation. We can’t just pick random phrases, colors, and symbols that mean nothing. They must represent and communicate the significance of America’s fellowship and brotherhood and many other attributes. An important flag that was created in 1775 was the “Don't Tread On Me” flag. This flag has a base color of bright yellow and has a curled-up timber rattlesnake on the ground and under the snake it says “DONT TREAD ON ME”. This flag was created in the beginning of the nation when it was fighting for its independence from Great Britain. This flag would state that America was not just a small colony that sailed the ocean to live off the land. The pioneers that sailed the great sea wanted this independence because Britain was straining their freedoms and liberties. They wanted freedom of religion and speech, and they created America, but Great Britain took them as a joke because they were not as numerous. Yet, America still gained its independence through many hardships and today the flag is still used in front yards and license plates.

      The flag was created by Christopher Gadsden, a general in the Continental Army, and is known as the Gadsden Flag. The flag's importance is to show how America is ready to strike anyone who is willing to take their freedoms and liberties away from them. Originally, Benjamin Franklin had created the “JOIN OR DIE” flag that had an image of a sliced snake that represented each original colony. Its importance was to bound together the colonies as a whole creating a real threat to Great Britain. The Gadsden flag now represents the new America as a whole that is not afraid to attack when provoked. The words “DONT TREAD ON ME” is a warning of diligence and vigilance against any enemies. The color yellow seen in nature naturally calls to other animals that something is dangerous and should not be messed with. The rattlesnake being curled up ready to strike represents the country’s readiness in self- defense challenging any aggression. The rattlesnake was a symbol for America even before the bald eagle. This flag symbolizes the individual rights of all Americans when we needed each other to survive the Revolutionary War.

      This flag is of very importance to me because it symbolizes something that makes America distinct and profound. America as a whole should be ready to protect their own country that lets them celebrate their differences in peace. Unlike the “JOIN OR DIE” flag, the snake is not detached or divided. It stands together in one piece no matter if it is made up of multiple parts from the head, the tail, or the belly. All the parts of the snake are necessary to be a rattlesnake. Regardless of how diverse America is we should all stand for each other no matter our differences of color, race, gender, age, religion, ideology, or philosophy. We stand together not because we are the same, but because we all deserve the right to free speech and religion without discrimination.We should all accept that we are different from others and that makes us stand out. America works because all of these different cultures and beliefs can stand together in one nation without discrimination. America works because all different views of life and doctrines come under one belief. America is great because the people can come together as one despite the differences. My American ideal is that America comes together as one because understanding one another is the most important part about being a healthy nation. America should be a safe place for everyone despite your background and upbringing. If we all fight for the same cause then America can be one. America needs to be one to be America.

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